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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dem Campaign Chatter 10-5-2008

George Wenschhof

Today, Obama is in Asheville, North Carolina, a state that is currently tied in the polls - Biden remains in Wilmington, Delaware where his wife's mother is gravely ill.


SNL replays the VP debate - Last night, Tina Fey was awesome once again as Governor Palin. Queen Latifah portrayed Gwen Ifill and Jason Sudeikis played Joe Biden. They were all outstanding. In case you missed it, you can watch it here.


Obama campaign begins airing new ad - shows McCain as out of touch on the economy and acting erratic in a time of crisis. Says McCain is trying to turn the page by launching personal and dishonest attacks on Obama. No wonder McCain is out of touch - America can not afford four more years of the same. Watch the ad here.

The mention of McCain of acting erratic is unfortunately true. Look to see the Obama campaign also turn the "we're mavericks" theme against them. Do voters really want mavericks controlling this country in times of crisis or do voters want a leader who is strong, calm, steady, and wise.


NY Times has their take on the electoral vote today - they have it down to six pivotal states: Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio and Virginia. You can read the NY Times article here. My electoral update posted earlier today includes five of these states, but I have New Hampshire as more solid Democratic now. I also have three additional battleground states: Indiana, Missouri, and North Carolina. Look to see Indiana increase in importance as the election nears.


McCain-Palin begin the expected Republican nonsense - yesterday, at a rally in California, Governor Palin accused Obama of palling around with terrorists would would target their own country. She was referring to a casual acquaintance he had with William Ayers, a member of the 60's radical group the Weathermen. has more here. There will be much more of this from Republicans including scaring Americans in regard to perceived foreign threats and then saying how they can keep you and your family safe. The tactics are very predictable and have worked in the past - the question is, will they work this year with the American voter.


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