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Friday, October 3, 2008

Dem Campaign Chatter 10-3-2008

George Wenschhof

Today, Obama is in Abington, Pennsylvania - Obama heads home to Chicago for dinner with Michelle - 16 year anniversary is tomorrow. Biden is in Dover, Delaware. Senator Biden will address his son's deployment ceremony - His son, Beau Biden is Attorney General of Delaware and a member of the state national guard which is being deployed to Iraq.


Biden wins VP Debate 51% to Palin 36% - CNN/Opinion Research Poll on VP debate taken among viewers of the debate last night. An even more telling question was asked pertaining to the candidate's qualifications to be president - Biden 87% and Palin 42%. This shows the work cut out for the McCain campaign. has more here.

Some are saying Palin exceeded expectations, but that is not saying much after voters have been inundated with the Katie Couric interviews with her which do not show her at her intellectual best. I had judged the debate a draw last night and did not feel it would sway voters one way or the other. The only thing accomplished by the McCain campaign last night was to temporarily stop the drumbeat asking for the withdraw of Palin from the ticket. Unfortunately for McCain, he needs more than that.

You can watch the closing statements by the candidates here. Two more presidential debates to go. Stay Tuned.


Media Curves research poll shows Biden won Independents by a overwhelming margin in the VP debate - this is important for in a close race, how Independents vote is critical. in the past two general elections, a majority of the Independents had voted for Bush. Whether the issue was taxes, the economic meltdown, climate change, or the Iraq exit strategy, Independents supported Biden by 60% or higher. has more here.

-------------------- national poll average is Obama 49.1%, McCain 43.5% - this is an average of eleven polls taken from 9-26 to 10-2 and shows Obama with a 5.6% lead over McCain. You can read their poll results here.


Biden's line from VP debate last night on McCain's health plan already in an ad - In my live-blogging of the debate last night I said Biden's line referring to McCain's Health Care program as being "the ultimate bridge to nowhere" was a good line. The campaign must of thought the same - you can watch the ad here.


In another bad sign for the McCain campaign - they concede Michigan and pull out of state - the McCain campaign has stopped all ads that target Michigan specifically and have transferred paid staffers elsewhere. The latest polls showed Obama with a 6-10 point advantage in the state which had been included as on of the swing states still in play. Michigan has 17 electoral votes. The Detroit News has more here.


House to vote on 800+ Billion Rescue Plan today - Let's see how they do the second time around and after the Senate has already approved by a overwhelming vote of 75 - 24. The Republican leadership say they have the votes after 100+ Billion in sweeteners have been added. 218 votes are needed for passage and the House fell 12 short on Monday. has more here.


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