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Friday, October 17, 2008

Dem Campaign Chatter 10-17-2008

George Wenschhof

Today, Obama is in Roanoke, Virginia - Biden is in Mesilla, New Mexico and Henderson, Nevada. All three battleground states are currently polling Blue, Virginia for the first time since 1964.


President Bush addresses nation again on the economy - every time he has done so the stock market drops. President Bush urged Americans to be patient, saying it will take time to unfreeze the credit markets. The NY Times has more here.

Bush plans to meet with French President Sarkozy over the weekend. has more here. Also a new report shows that Housing starts are at a 171/2 year low. The Dow gained 400 yesterday to close at 8979. Let's see what it does today.


Verizon and AT&T provide free cell towers for McCain's ranch - it seems Cindy McCain complained about not being able to use her cell phone on her ranch near Sedona, Arizona. After some attempts to donate some land in return for a tower did not work out, both Verizon and AT&T provided free mobile cell towers. After all, you can't have a presidential candidate unable to use their cell phone. Rick Davis, the manager of the McCain campaign along with five other campaign officials were lobbyists for Verizon. Senator McCain also serves on the Senate commerce committee which the Federal Communication Commission falls under. The Washington Post has more here.


Oliver Stone's movie "W" premiers today - Josh Brolin portrays George W. Bush and the trailers I have seen indicate this is a must see!

Governor Sarah Palin to appear on Saturday Night Live - the question is - will Tina Fey be there to greet her? Also look for Joe the plumber and Joe six-pack to make an appearance. Plan to watch this Saturday.

McCain actually appeared on Late Show with David Letterman last night - this, after cancelling a previous appearance due to his suspension of his campaign to deal with the economy - only to be caught being interviewed by Katie Couric. McCain tried to make up by saying "I screwed up".

Senator Joe Biden appeared on Jay Leno - pointed out what the rest of us saw during the last presidential debate - McCain constantly rolling his eyes, weird gestures, and heavy sighs.


Obama was busy last night as well, appearing at the Al Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner and later at a fund raising concert with Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel - The NY Times has more on the concert here.

Both Obama and McCain performed pretty good stand up comedy at the Al Smith dinner - I was surprised at how funny they both were. Here are the videos of both: Obama, McCain Take a moment and watch them - they are good!


Speaking of Joe the plumber, - seems he owes back taxes, is not a licensed plumber, and Obama's proposed tax plan would save him money - has a good read here.


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