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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dem Campaign Chatter 10-28-2008

George Wenschhof

Today, Obama is in Chester, Pennsylvania and Norfolk, Virginia - Biden is in Ocala and Melbourne, Florida. Michelle Obama is in Springs, Colorado. Michelle has become a "not so secret" powerful speaker on the campaign trail. The NY Times has more here. She was great on the "Tonight Show" last night. You can watch it here.


Obama 50.3%, McCain 44.1% - is today's national poll average. This is an average of nine polls taken from 10-22 to 10-27. It is likely that Barr and Nader will garner 2-3% of the vote which means the undecideds are now down to approximately 3%. You can read more here.


Democratic strategists offer last week advise to the Obama campaign - has a very interesting read by Thomas Schaller who interviews three Democratic strategists on what to do in the last week of the campaign. He discusses this with Kenneth Baer, a former speechwriter for Al Gore, Laurie Moskowitz, who ran the national field operations for the DNC in the 2000 election, and Steve McMahon,a senior adviser to Howard Dean in the 2004 campaign. You can read it here.


Alaska Republican Senator Ted Stevens found guilty - of seven felony charges of failing to report over $250,000 in gifts. Prior to this notoriety, his claim to fame was the infamous Alaska "Bridge to Nowhere". Pundits are now speculating as to whether this will help Democrats reach a filibuster proof 60 seats in the Senate. has more here.


Stocks may be set for surge today - the Dow dropped 203.18 yesterday to close at 8175.77, a five year low. Oversea markets were trading up and US Futures were up indicating the Dow will gain today. Read more here.


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