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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dem Campaign Chatter 10-4-2008

George Wenschhof

Today, Obama is in Newport News, Virginia - Virginia has been a red state and Obama now has it blue. Tomorrow, Air-it-Out with George will publish the electoral vote update which highlights the current swing states - we will be doing this every Sunday until the election. Biden is home in Wilmington, Delaware.


With four weeks to go and behind in the polls, expect the McCain campaigns attacks to intensify - You got a preview in the first presidential debate when McCain called Obama's foreign policy reckless and dangerous. He also accused Obama of having the most liberal voting record of any Senator who will raise your taxes - now them's fighting words! The NY Times has a good read here.

Palin did her best to echo the same themes in the only vice-president debate. The best that can be said for her performance is she got through it without looking like a moose caught in the spotlight. The polls show the voters did not buy into the winks and the corny Joe six-pack lingo she was slinging. I also wonder do the voters really want two mavericks in the white house after witnessing the damage done by a reckless cowboy in the white house over the last eight years. Joan Walsh of has a good read here.

That leaves the McCain campaign with what they believe is their only option left and that is more negative ads - expect Reverend Wright videos to appear along with ties to William Ayers, the former member of the radical 60's group, the Weathermen. Also expect ads similar to the "3 AM call" ad the Clinton campaign ran in the Democratic primary questioning Obama's ability to lead. The Washington Post has a good read here.


Michigan Republican officials upset over McCain campaign announcement they were closing campaign offices in the state and shifting resources - this type of public announcement can not be helpful to the other Republicans on the ticket. Meanwhile, democratic Lt. Governor John Cherry was suspicious of the move. He expects negative ads to begin airing from independent groups. has more here.


Obama criticizes McCain health care proposal - He says voters should read the fine print before buying into McCain's idea. Points out that the $5000 health care credit to families would go directly to insurers and not to the family. Also the McCain proposal would tax individuals for health care benefits received from employers by treating the benefits received as income. has more here.


The close vote in Missouri adds to McCain's woes - at best, this current swing state could be called a tie at the moment. This is a state that voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004. Interestingly, a little trivia for you - how this state voted for President mirrored the eventual outcome in the national election in all but one election since 1950. has more here.


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