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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Frederick County, MD GOP Woes Grow

George Wenschhof

Seems the local Republican party is having as much trouble figuring out their message and which way to turn as their National Party as internal bickering grows.

Yesterday, Delegate Rick Weldon (R, Dist. 3-B) announced he was withdrawing from the Republican Party and changing to "Unaffiliated". Only problem with that move, is there is no "Unaffiliated" political party.

One local Republican I spoke to yesterday, was outraged with Delegate Weldon's decision and planned to contact Republican Delegates Paul Stull and Joseph Bartlett who represent District 4-A and ask that they remove Weldon as chair of the Frederick County delegation. The reason being that Weldon was elected as a Republican and there was no such thing as a "Unaffiliated" party.

This follows the recent removal of two members of the Frederick County Republican State Central Committee. The stated reason for the removal of Tim Brooks and Bill Ashton was the failure to attend required state meetings. Ashton has long been known for his commitment to local politics and both Brooks and Ashton have run for office on previous occasions as Republicans. Katherind Herrbrandt, a columnist with the Frederick News Post wrote a column on this internal squabble. You can read it here.

It seems the local central committee met last night to name replacements and more shenanigans erupted. Supposedly, Mr. Chaney and Mr. Shreve were named as the replacements, much to the chagrin of a member of the committee.

This news of internal Republican Party infighting comes as Frederick County voter registration numbers show a huge advantage in new voter registrations for the Democratic Party. We reported on these numbers back on July 3 - you can read them here.

Stay Tuned

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Anonymous said...

scuttlebut is former candidate for Sheriff, Bill folden had applied for one of the open positions and left in a huff after learning of the appointments. the chair also left in a huff only to return later.