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Thursday, February 7, 2008

This Week's Poll - Which Democrat for President Has Your Vote?

Our site is featuring another timely Poll this week on "Who Has Your Vote"? This time among the Democratic candidates for President. The Poll is located in the right hand margin of our site right below the Links to the Democratic candidates for President websites. Yes, former Senator from Alaska, Mike Gravel is still in the race. Why, I'm not sure. This Poll will close on Sunday February 10th at 10:00 PM. The Maryland primary is two days later on Tuesday February 12th. Make sure you vote!

Last week's Poll was "Who Has Your Vote"? among the Democratic candidates running for congress in Maryland's 6th District. The results were as follows:

Total Votes - 129

Robin Deibert - 53 votes - 42%
Andrew Duck - 45 votes - 35%
Jennifer Dougherty - 23 votes - 18%
Rick Lank - 5 Votes - 3%
Larry Smith - 3 Votes - 2%

The Polls conducted on our site are not scientific. They are based on votes made by individuals who visit the site and choose to participate by voting in the Poll.

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