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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Will Obama Make it Ten in a Row?

George Wenschhof

A look at the recent Polls show Senator Barack Obama with a 4-5 point lead in Wisconsin.

It is reported Obama has out spent Senator Hillary Clinton 4-1 in
Wisconsin. While Clinton is continuing to focus her attention on
delegate rich states Ohio and Texas on March 4th.

On Tuesday, Wisconsin - 92 delegates, and Hawaii - 29 delegates - hold
their primaries for the Democrats. The most recent total delegate
count by shows
Obama - Total: 1302, Pledged - 1134, Super - 168
Clinton - Total: 1235, Pledged - 996, Super - 239

While Obama is favored to win both contests on Tuesday it is doubtful
his current lead of 67 delegates will increase past 100 due to the
proportional way of allocating delegates and the super delegates the
Clinton campaign has secured.

A solid win by Clinton in Ohio and Texas on March 4th would probably
result in her delegate count being increased to within 40 of Obama's
total. More importantly for Clinton, she would show she can win two
states the democrats are going to need in November and stop the
momentum by Obama.

On the other hand, if Obama can win either Texas or Ohio, the
Democratic nomination process would be nearing a end for it would then
be obvious that Clinton will not be able to overtake Obama.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has to hope that the
nomination process is settled soon. Otherwise, they are faced with
holding expensive do-over primaries in Michigan and Florida and
experiencing a rules fight at the convention in August over super

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