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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Today's Democratic Primary and Caucuses

Going into the Democratic primary and caucuses held today, Senator Hillary Clinton had a total of 1076 delegates and Senator Barack Obama had 1015 delegates. These totals vary between 10 and 20 delegates depending on the source used, but in all cases Senator Clinton is leading by about 60 delegates. Remember, 2025 are needed to receive the nomination.

As I mentioned in my earlier post today, the delegate split takes a little bit of time to determine due to the proportional method in which they are won ( these are referred to as pledged delegates) and the super delegates the campaigns had locked up prior to the vote.

Here is where the votes are taking place today and the delegates up for grabs. The winner will be indicated but the delegates will take a little while to determine. We will fill in the numbers when they become available.

Louisiana - 67 - Total, 56 - pledged, 11 - super --(W) - Obama

Nebraska - 31 - Total, 24 - pledged, 7 - super --(W) - Obama

Washington - 97 - Total, 78 - pledged, 19 - super --(W) - Obama

Virgin Islands - 9 - Total, 3 - pledged, 6 - super --(W) - Obama

Total Delegates - 204, pledged -161, super - 43

Clinton - current - 1076
- Today -
- Total -

Obama - current - 1015
- Today -
- Total -

The first numbers are in at 8:20 PM EST with Nebraska caucuses going to Obama. With 73% of the vote in, Obama has 69% of the vote. He was expected to do well tonight, especially in the caucus states. Clinton will want to win 35-40% of the delegates today.

8:45 PM - Obama wins the other caucus today in Washington - 48% of vote in - Obama - 67% of the vote This state has the largest number of delegates at stake today.

10:00 PM - AP is reporting Obama has won Virgin Islands with 90% of the vote. NBC just called Louisiana for Obama with 32% of the vote in - Obama - 53% Full sweep for Obama today - early delegate projections are Obama will pick up 35-40 more delegates than Clinton today which makes the Clinton lead even smaller.

Clinton spoke earlier at J/J dinner in Virginia and left before Obama was set to speak. Virginia Governor Kaine endorsed Obama in a state Clinton was hoping to be competitive in next Tuesday. Obama is now beginning his speech at 10:30 PM. Another awesome speech about 30 minutes in length.

Early estimates show Obama closing within 25 total delegates of Clinton after the elections today. We will know better tomorrow.

Sunday morning 9:45 AM Lots of numbers flying around as to the delegate split from yesterday's elections. One has new totals with a range of 1200-1210 Clinton and Obama - 1175-1185. We will post when we have more definite numbers.

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