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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obama Wins Again - Clinton Replaces Campaign Manager

6:30 PM EST NBC calls the Maine caucuses for Obama - 57%, Clinton - 42% with 59% of the vote being reported. Maine has 34 delegates, 24 of which are pledged (won by the proportional vote today) and 10 super delegates. This continues the winning ways of Obama. However, after today's vote, the delegate count will continue to be close.

Senator Hillary Clinton made an adjustment in her campaign staff today as her manager Patti Solis Doyle switched places with Maggie Williams who was a senior advisor. Here is a report from which includes an email to campaign staff from Doyle:

The talk is some of the pledged super delegates were questioning how the money is being spent. Others reportedly were asking who was in charge as some staff were reporting to Doyle and others to Williams. Clinton has to keep her super delegates happy and figure out how to start winning some states.

It is also rumored that former Presidential candidate John Edwards met privately with Senator Clinton and is meeting with Senator Barack Obama tomorrow. Edwards is trying to sort out who and if he will endorse. Edwards suspended his campaign instead of withdrawing from the race so he could maintain control of his delegates. These delegates may prove pivotal in such a close race.

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