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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mashup 1968 - 2008: On to Texas, Out with Clinton?

Jack Lynch

The Republicans are marching out of the Pentagon fully armed and
loaded, and most of my friends are showing up with flowers and signs
to rebuild the old coalition in a bigger and better fashion than ever,
and make love – so why am I unhappy and disappointed?

Hillary wasn't a first love, or a one night stand, but a relationship
it's hard to deny. I have measured my life in coffee spoons.

I'm not one of the cops at the Chicago convention beating anyone down.

A new form of Vietnam rages halfway around the world, with no vital
American interest or potential positive outcome. Johnson withdraws
his nomination. If only they made Texans like that still, and not
bush league ones. But then Hank Williams is dead, and I don't feel so
hot either.

Hearing Obama in Michigan Tuesday night was pretty inspiring, talking
about McCain's hundred years of war, and many more wars to come,
that's truly scary – and about changing the mindset of Washington,
sigh, ah youth, fleeting laurels, remember, the '…garland's briefer
than a girl's…'

Senator Robert F. Kennedy, the brother of a murdered president, died
at 1:44 A.M. …of an assassin's shots.

Time for a paradigm shift – as Obama said, "We are the new American majority."

I celebrate that, and I hope to God he is right on that. I hope that
this whole debate wraps up in a positive outcome, most of all. Then I
hope the winner can follow through. We will be a nation of many
minorities soon and the white conservatives can hide out at the ranch,
waiting, armed and paranoid. I have never suffered that delusion.

Now it no longer looks like it is even possibly, remotely, a bubble.
Obama's inroads into Clinton core constituencies looks to transcend
the narrow electorate splits we've seen so far. If so, let it be,
I'll have to jump on the bandwagon eventually.

I think it's just the world passing me by, like the old west dying,
the town changing. My children say, "Vote for the black man daddy!"

It looks like I will.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I will jump on the bandwagen for Obama and support him if he ends up with the nominee. But I continue to hold out hope for Clinton . .

Fred in Minnesota