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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Live Blogging on the Clinton - Obama Debate in Ohio

Let's see how they do tonight, one week before the March 4th primaries. How will Clinton come across tonight is the biggest question. They are sitting right next to each other - how cozy!

First question to Clinton - you went from nice to attack mode - why? Clinton points out innacuracies on her health care plan and on NAFTA put out by Obama in mailers. Obama's plan does not cover 15 million, we should not use innacurate information. Williams asks her about the Obama photo being circulated in african garb - she denies any knowledge it came from her campaign.

Obama - discusses the mandate aspect of her health care plan and that she has not said how she would enforce this aspect. Her campaign has focused negative campaigns against him and he has not whined about it. Clinton likens his mailing to something the Republicans would have sent out. She believes in universal health care. Obama - how will she enforce the mandate? Clinton is staying on this topic, cuts off Brian Williams from asking his next question.

Obama is replying and the Hillary smirk is appearing as well as she is shaking her head no.

Next topic is NAFTA - now Clinton is complaining about receiving the first question each time - references SNL and their skit - maybe we should ask Obama if he is comfortable and if he needs a pillow. This goes over like a lead balloon. as to NAFTA, we need to have a trade time out. Cleveland Plain dealer said Obama's mailers were innacurate. Obama - Clinton has shifted positions on this and this is good but she started out saying it would be good for America and it's workers. Russert stays on this subject and nails Clinton on what she said previously. will you get out of NAFTA in 6 months? no, I will renegotiate. Russert continues to say the record is clear on your position that you supported NAFTA. Obama says Clinton's position is a good one and he agrees with a renegotiation with Canada and Mexico.

Russert on Clinton pledge of 5 million jobs. In NY in the 2000 race for Senate she had pledged 200,000 jobs but there had been a net loss of 35,000. How are you going to do this nationwide? She had a good answer about Bush being elected in 2000 was the reason for the net loss in NY.

On foreign policy weakness, Obama does very well here - pointing out his position on Pakistan being right and he was right on Iraq. Clinton tries to attack - Obama willing to meet with dictators, etc. She is just not scoring points so far, yet she continues to try. Now a lengthy discussion on Iraq.

after a break they show a video of Clinton mocking Obama and his speeches - here the Hillary cackle reappears. Obama handles this well and stays on message.

A series of I got you questions asked to each candidate by Russert - Obama and his earlier pledge of public financing and now not agreeing to it with McCain. Clinton, the release of her joint tax return, the release of her schedule papers from her 8 years in the WH. Obama- how about Farrakhan endorsing you. Both candidates handle this ok.

oops, I had to take a phone call - it is wrapping up now. Clinton is talking about why she would make the best President - proud to be the first woman President, wants to be the fighter for the middle class.

My observation was no one hit the home run and Clinton needed it the most. When she attacked Obama early, she did not come across well. The same when she attacked the questioners - a flat response. She also used the fighter statement over and over - If you remember, she used this in the very beginning of her camapign about being able to fight back against the Republican right. Obama did not shine, but he did not have to.

Let the spin begin.

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Anonymous said...

I work in health care and the only way to have universal coverage is to provide coverage to everyone. Period. No exceptions. No opting out. It has to happen and until it does the system is broken. It is a huge and complex industry and employs millions. Any dramatic changes have to be phased in over time to prevent massive disruptions in the work force. You think there is fall out from NAFTA, wait till health care reform gets screwed up. . .

In reference to the bombing of the "who goes first" SNL barb. It was unfortunate because anyone watching the TX debate last week could see she got asked first on a lot of tough questions then Obama's answers were basically I agree with Hillary and then he moved on to use his answer time to pontificate.

Hillary obviously took the lead on the Russian questioning and scored points on why Obama had not managed to hold hearings on Afganistan.

I am sure both camps will spin the results to their favor.

Woodbury, MN