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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February 12th Election Day Chatter

I will enter information and numbers as they become available later tonight and add some thoughts throughout the evening. Add your thoughts by clicking on "Comment" at the end of this post.

Today, a total of 237 delegates are up for grabs for the Democratic Presidential candidates and interestingly almost 30% will not be determined by today's vote. That is because 69 of the delegates are super delegates and they are obtained by the candidate or their campaign staff securing the commitment from the democratic party elite who have been designated a super delegate. Here is the breakdown of the delegates for today.

Maryland - 99 Total - (29 super delegates)
Virginia - 101 Total - (18 super delegates)
D.C. - 37 Total - (22 super delegates)

Again, as everyone is painfully aware of now, the remaining delegates are won by two ways, so many by the proportional outcome of the total vote ( example - MD -24 delegates), and the other based on the proportional outcome of the vote by congressional district ( example - MD - 46 delegates). Along with Maryland's 29 super delegates you can see how Obama could win the overall state but Clinton could stay even with delegates if she secured the commitment of an overwhelming number of super delegates and performed well in certain congressional districts.

After this year's election, and possibly before the conclusion of this year's nominating process, the Democratic National Committee will be pressured to change the process of awarding delegates. There is no way the voters will accept a nomination of a candidate of their Party as a result of super delegate commitments.

7:04 PM EST NBC calls Virginia by a substantial margin for Obama - 17% reporting - Obama- 67%, Clinton -32%
Some Virginia exit polls - Obama won 90% black vote, 48% white vote, white men - 55%, under 40 - 66%, Independents - 62%

7:40 PM EST - Maryland is extending poll closing times 1 1/2 hours to 9:30 PM due to icy roads. Some early MD exit polls - voter turnout - 55% white, 37% black, 2 1/2 times voted for change over experience.

8:00 PM EST NBC calls Washinton D.C. for Obama

More bad news from the Clinton campaign - Mike Henry - Deputy campaign manager resigns.

Obama makes it 3 for 3 and 8 in a row - NBC 9:30 PM EST calls Maryland by a significant margin for Obama

11:48 Pm EST - In MD Dem. candidate 6th District, 54% of vote in - Dougherty leading 45%, Duck -37%, Deibert -10% and Smith 6%. Duck was the Democratic nominee in 2006 and Dougherty is a former mayor of the City of Frederick who was defeated in the Democratic primary after only one term.

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