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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Duck Favored to Win in MD 6th District

George Wenschhof

As I have written in previous posts, the 6th District is an uphill climb for any Democrat. The incumbent, Republican Roscoe Bartlett has benefited from demographics that heavily favor a Republican candidate.

Unfortunately, for the residents of the sixth district, the sixteen year congressman has proven to be one of the most ineffective representives in the House of Representatives. By now, the voters must realize that when they go to vote, it is more important to vote for someone who will work hard to improve their lives than it is to just vote for someone who has an "R" next to their name on the ballot.

Whether it is the continuation of gridlocked highways, a lack of high paying jobs in western Maryland, a failure to improve mass transit, a lack of effort in aiding construction of affordable housing, or his fighting against providing health care for children, congressman Bartlett has proven to be an embarassment to the voters in the 6th District.

To say it is time for a change is an understatement. Today, Democrats in the 6th district will make the choice as to who their nominee will be and it is important they come together to support this candidate.

It is not an easy choice for the Democrats voting today for there are many qualified candidates on the ballot. However, Andrew Duck, an Iraq veteran who was the party nominee 2 years ago, has the support of many Democratic elected officials, the Maryland Teachers, as well as many unions and organizations. He is the frontrunner who has a solid platform that would serve the residents of the district well.

Robin Deibert, also a veteran, has campaigned hard across the district and shown her passion for health care issues that affect all of us. Jennifer Dougherty, a former one term mayor of the City of Frederick has detailed her positions in what she calls the daily dozen issues Americans are facing today.

Larry Smith, who came from a family of coal miners and textile workers has also campaigned hard despite not receiving any significant financial support. He has shown his compassion for the residents in the district. At a recent forum he talked about his father telling him as he was growing up that if he got knocked down to get back up and not give up. If he loses this primary, I hope he heeds his father's advice for Mr. Smith has a lot to offer. Rick Lank who was beset with some personal issues, exhibited a lot of enthusiasm and knowledge in the energy and environment areas, both of which are critical today.

All of the candidates were also faced with competing for media attention in the midst of the closest Democratic Presidential primary race in years. If Maryland follows the trend in the other preceeding primary states, twice as many Democrats will vote than in 2004.

Make sure you vote today and after the results are known and the candidate is chosen by the voters, it is important to come together to support the Democratic nominee. In November, the nominee will need a record turnout of Democratic voters along with a majority of the Independents with a cross over from some Republicans in order to win this district.

It will not be an easy victory but this uphill climb is necessary to restore effective representation in the 6th district. Let's hope the supporters of all the Democratic candidates work together for it's time for a change in the 6th district.

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