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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Are Clinton's Actions Over The Top?

Or is this just "let's get down and dirty and let's rumble", a style more becoming of politics as usual in a tight Democratic nomination for President race. Realizing that Senator Hillary Clinton, must win in Texas and Ohio on March 4th, the campaign is using a positive and negative approach.

Clinton's best moment during the debate last Tuesday in Austin, Texas came in her closing remarks. I noted in my live blogging during the debate that she received a standing ovation when she used the line that the campaign was about the American people. The media picked up on this line as did her campaign staff. This closing remark has been packaged by her campaign staff into video campaign ads which will be used in Ohio and Texas.

Just when you thought she was going to take the positive approach, Clinton attacked Senator Obama with an accusation of using Carl Rove type of dirty tricks. This pertained to mailers the Obama campaign had sent to voters in Ohio. Some pointed out that Clinton's position on universal health care would make everyone pay, even if they could not afford it. While others pointed out that she had supported NAFTA which had contributed to the job losses in Ohio.

The headlines included "Shame on You, Obama" and these were followed by reports that she then said I'll see you in Ohio next Tuesday - that is the day of the debate. Sounds like fighting words to me!

Today, videos have hit the internet with a speech she made in Rhode Island mocking his ability to give a great speech.

Here are the latest Texas Polls in which show Clinton with a 3 point lead (a statistical tie) and a 8 point lead in Ohio.

Will these moves light a fire under the Clinton campaign or is it more like acts of desperation from a campaign on the ropes? Let's see what the polling data looks like mid-week.

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Anonymous said...

I think she is fighting to break through the teflon coating that Mr. Obama has managed to get covered in. Ellen Goodman, Columnist, wrote a good article in the Boston Glode about how the women's movement is playing out with candidates Clinton and Obama. That while she still is struggling to fit in as woman candidate it is Mr. Obama that has actually benefited from the woman's movement of the last few decades. It is because of the change in how we view gender roles that he can run on his "soft" side and reach out in a collaborate style. He doesn't have to come across as macho man.

Anyway I think Mrs. Clinton is trying to bust through that glass ceiling and can not seem to find the instruction manual.

Woodbury, MN