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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fat Tuesday!

Jack Lynch

The close results in the Democratic contests on Tuesday bode well for the strength and inclusiveness of the party as the generational pendulum swings and a presidential win looms large. The establishment of McCain as the Republican nominee also adds weight to a Democratic outcome in November

"We offer something different,"Clinton said, referring to herself and Obama as candidates in the last debate, and indeed they do, not only by dent of being female and of mixed race. Change is indeed blowing in the wind, and another aged white haired conservative white male figure is not going to win.

The party gains by the Obama boost of young voter enthusiasm and his inroads into white male voters. The party gains by the first solid and serious female candidate and the strong support of women.

The proportional awarding of Delegates has given the party's broad coalition of interests and demographics a boost, and the southern strength of Obama is a good sign for the country's turn from conservative insularity.

The media bandwagon and the media money falling to Obama will play a role in upcoming state campaigns as the undecided voters blow in the wind. The slick ads and drum beat of positive murmurs have an effect, he has never looked better or captured liberal dreams more visibly.

But, given a winner take all Delegate assignment, Clinton would emerge stronger at this point, and even now, the resulting traditional Delegate base support carries a danger of party conflict and emotional disappointment at the convention stage, will the newly inspired fall into line behind a traditional front-runner?

Overall, the good news is change, and change can occur without a full win. Change comes because the base has changed and the candidates must follow. Let the electorate lead the way to Washington.

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