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Monday, February 18, 2008

Lunar New Year

Guy Djoken

Last Saturday, February 16, 2008, the Asian Community in Frederick and
vicinity gathered at Thomas Johnson High School to commemorate the
Asian Spring festival also known as Lunar New Year. The 1000 people or
so who came to enjoy the festivities were satisfied by the quality of
the show as well as its diversity. Indian music and dances, Burmese
folk songs and dances, Chinese martial arts and dances, Korean drums
and music were only a few elements making the ceremony a total

Besides Frederick County, Maryland Commissioner Jan Gardner,
Kai Hagen and the City of Frederick Police Chief Dine, most of our
elected official were absent. It was reassuring to see representative
from the Governor's office and our two U.S. senators.

At the time when the minority community is feeling a little ostracized
by a small but resolute portion of our community, it is very important
that elected officials make it a point to reach out during these
ethnic festivals. On the wake of this article, it worth sharing this
letter to the editor by a well respected member of our community who
has been looking at the unhealthy debate going on since the proposal
of the anti-immigrant bill last year. Please read this and get involved in the debate.

Guy Djoken is President NAACP - Frederick County, Maryland Branch

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