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Friday, February 22, 2008

Five Guys Silent on the Democratic Nomination

Who are these five guys? They are all former Democratic Presidential candidates: former Vice President Al Gore, Senator Joe Biden (Del.), Senator Chris Dodd (Conn.), former Senator John Edwards (N.C.), and Governor Bill Richardson (N.M.). All of them are senior elected democrats who receive respect from the voters.

Pretty amazing that not one of them have weighed in with their support for either Senator Hillary Clinton (N.Y.) or Senator Barack Obama (Illinois). In such a close race, where less than 100 delegates separate the two Democratic candidates, why are these five guys holding back their endorsements?

The reasons are varied and the rumors run rampant throughout the media and Internet. The failure of these guys to weigh in and endorse a candidate could have an impact on who wins the nomination.

One reason would be they want to be the statesmen that are needed in the democratic party in case of a broker-ed convention. Without having taken a position, they will be in a strong position as party leaders to help provide guidance toward finding a solution.

Another reason, is some may be trying to hedge their bets, stay out of the fray and hope that the democratic nominee, after winning the Presidency, will appoint them to a important cabinet position.

John Edwards suspended his campaign allowing him to maintain control of the 26 pledged delegates he had won. Although every delegate is important in this year's nomination process, he has limited influence. What does Edwards want - to be the Vice-President candidate again? It is doubtful this would happen. Perhaps, Secretary of HUD.

The most intriguing rumors surround Al Gore. What if Senator Clinton is able to stay in the race after March 4th and all the way to June without either her or Senator Obama reaching the magic 2025 number of delegates? What if domestic and international events unfold to dramatically impact how the voter views the candidates by the time the Democratic party convenes their convention the end of August? Would Gore suddenly become the one favored to be the nominee? Very unlikely but an interesting thought.

In the meantime, the silence of these five men remains deafening.

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