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Monday, February 11, 2008

Obama Takes Slim lead in Delegates

After the sweep over the weekend Senator Barack Obama has a slim lead over Senator Hillary Clinton in the total delegate count 1146 - 1142. Here is a breakdown by state including super delegates by

These numbers can fluctuate as hard data by election district is made available along with the super delegate split.

In the primaries tomorrow, a total of 237 delegates are at stake and although Obama appears poised to win all three, it also appears Clinton will win her share of delegates. The fear of the Clinton campaign has to be more in the continued losses than the actual delegate count.

Next Tuesday it is Wisconsin and Hawaii before Clinton can compete in what her campaign feels will be more supportive states in Ohio and Texas both of which are rich in delegates. The Clinton campaign has to be hoping that the O'Malley machine in Maryland and her institutional support in Virginia either results in a upset win or a close loss.

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