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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dodd to Endorse Obama Today

Senator Chris Dodd (conn.) and former democratic candidate for President will endorse Senator Barack Obama today.

He is the first of the five guys I was asking about in an earlier post to endorse. The others are Senator Biden, Governor Richardson, former Vice-President candidate John Edwards, and former Vice-President Al Gore.

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson said over the weekend he will endorse a candidate this week. Early in the democratic primary, it appeared he was being "nice" to Clinton with hopes of a vice-president running mate in his mind. Lately, it is said, he is wavering for he likes Obama as well. His endorsement would help either candidate in Texas for he has the respect of the Latino community.

On the Hollywood star front, Ellen Degeneras endorsed Senator Hillary Clinton last night. Let's see; Oprah for Obama, Degeneras for Clinton, who wins?

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