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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Clinton and Obama Debate - Live blogging

As I said in an earlier post, this Debate and the one next week in Ohio is much more critical for Senator Clinton than they are for Senator Obama. Let's see how they do!

The crowd at University of Teaxas appears fired up! John King -CNN and Jorge Ramos - Univision will be asking some questions. Campbell Brown is the moderator.

Question from King as to the problems of the economy and how the two of them differ - Obama - stop giving breaks to companies who ship jobs overseas, end tax breaks for the rich, create tax breaks for the working men and women making 75,000 or less. In the area of trade it should be viewed through main street and not wall street.

Clinton - wants a trade time out, tougher import standards on imports to stop the problems with toys, etc. Called again for a 90 day moritorium on foreclosures and a freeze on interest rates for 5 years. Also called on investment on our infrastucture. Increase green methods in all areas - We need to be the innovation nation - good line!

On immigration - both agreed on comprehensive reform. Clinton- tougher border control, carck down on employers, more federal help to communities providing services, work with neighbors in the south to help create jobs, create a pathway to citizenship. Obama - also important to fix the legal immigration system that is backlogged and not working. We need to be sure we are not discriminating.

Border fence question - Clinton voted for this fence - do you still agree? Clinton talked about working with local communities - may be areas that need fencing and other areas where other technology could be utilized. Obama - the idea that we are going to deport 12 million people is ridiculous. We need comprehensive reform - need to pass the dream act allow children to be able to receive education.

ESL - Clinton has voted against english as the official language but english does remain important and should remain as the unifying language of the country. Obama - everyone should learn english but everyone child should also be learning a second language - it is a new world today and the ability to communicate across borders is important.

after a break - King asks Clinton to explain the stements she makes on the campaign - she offers solutions and actions v. slogans and good words. Here is where Clinton iterjected where one of Obama's supporters had recently been unable to list one accomplishment he had achieved - a low blow on her part.

Obama rattled off plenty of results over the years. Clinton has said lets get real - is she not recognizing the support of the millions of people who are supporting him. Time to end the bickering and focus on solutions. Reason the campaign has done so well, need to inspire people for change. She lost in her exchange here.

Questions is now on Clinton accusing Obama on plagarism from Mass. Gov. Obama does well with this, the Gov. is his co-chair of his campaign and this is just silliness - Clinton looks bad here. lets lift the country up and not tear each other down.

Clinton stayed with the plagarizism - was booed by the crowd Now she is trying to show differences between the two on health care and other issues and received a good response. Obama - universal health care is important - tried to explain his difference with Clinton's plan - he stumbled a little here. he then criticized her approach to bringing about health care reform back in 1993.

Ramos asked question pertaining to Clinton accusation about being able to lead on day one. Clinton went back to health care issues ignoring the question. a debate ensued between the two as to who's plan is better. Ramos asks the questions again about being able to lead on day one. Clinton did not answer this very well. Obama brings in the fact that he opposed the war in Iraq and she did not. He also points out about his position on Pakistan and Musharraf being correct.

Another break - probably the last - by the way, the candidates are sitting next to each other. King - secrecy of the Bush administration. Obama -you are responsible for 91 million in earmarks and have not provided the info - Obama - not true, am happy to provide any and all info to you. In favor of more disclosure. Clinton - responsible for 342 million in earmarks does McCain have a edge on you here. No, he supported the irresponsible Bush economic plan.

Ramos - on super delegates - pelosi opposed to them selecting the candidate-clinton by-passed the answer with it will all work itself out. Obama - important the voters will is heard.

Last question - a moment that most tested you in a crisis. Obama - childhood learning to take responsiblity of his own actions, learning to bring people together throughout his life. Clinton - I lived through some challenges as you all know - huge applause. Her hits are nothing compared to those others experience every day. A good line here. A standing applause when she said this election is about the American people. A strong ending by Clinton.

Well, it was mostly a nice, nice debate. Clinton tried to attack on the plagarism charge but that went nowhere as Mass. Gov. Patrick was his campaign co-chair. Clinton ended on an upbeat but she hardly did anything to put a dent in Obama's momentum. Obama came across very confident throughout the debate.

Let the spin begin....

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