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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Clinton and Obama Debate Tonight

From Austin, Texas, CNN - Univision along with the University of Texas will sponsor this debate less than two weeks before the March 4th primaries. It begins at 8:00 PM ET and will run until 9:30 PM ET.

Make sure you tune in! Senator Clinton's campaign realizes they must stop the momentum Senator Obama has built with ten straight victories. Will Clinton continue with the mantra that she is the most experienced and the one who is most ready to lead on day one? You would think by now the Clinton campaign would change this strategy and the rhetoric that goes with it, for their current approach has not been working with the voters.

The Obama campaign spin since Tuesday's elections is they now have a 150+ lead in pledged delegates and it will be almost impossible for Clinton to catch up. Of course, they are forgetting the super delegates where Clinton currently has a 70 delegate lead which puts her behind by only 89 in the total delegates. The Clinton campaign is also calling for delegates to be awarded from Michigan and Florida where they are claiming they have a huge lead even though no democratic candidate campaigned in these DNC sanctioned states. The Clinton campaign is also putting out their spin that Obama has yet to win a big state, which Clinton has and that these are needed in order for the Democrats to win in November.

Stay tuned, for regardless of what the Clinton campaign may say, she needs to win both Texas and Ohio on March 4th. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has to be hoping that the nomination process takes care of itself without their having to intervene. Michigan and Florida do-over primaries would be expensive and a rules fight over super delegates would be a huge distraction on the nomination of the democratic candidate for President.

One more debate will be held prior to the March 4th primaries. It will be held at Cleveland State University in Ohio next Tuesday the 26th. We will post more information on this next week.

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