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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday's Theme in Denver is "Securing America's Future"

George Wenschhof

A little trivia - Both Republican and Democratic conventions are scripted these days so a true open convention is not something the voters are going to witness anytime soon. Interestingly, in the past, it has been the Republican conventions that have been on schedule and the Democratic conventions have sometimes veered a little off track and run past scheduled times for Speakers. This year, so far, the Democrats are keeping on schedule.

Yesterday, all of the the speakers did well with former Virginia Governor and current Senate candidate, Mark Warner giving a good speech on the past and the importance of doing things better for our children and their future. Of course, Hillary Clinton was the highlight and gave an outstanding speech uniting Democrats to support Barack Obama. Her line of "No way, No how, No McCain" brought down the house. Here is a short video excerpt of her speech.

Today brings even more excitement as we will see a roll call vote, watch more Democratic notables, listen to former President Bill Clinton and hear Vice-President nominee Joe Biden. It all begins at 5:00 PM ET

The rest of the speakers today are: Senator Jack Reed (RI), former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (SD), Senator John Kerry (Mass.), Governor Bill Richardson (NM), and Representative Chet Edwards (Tex). All of these speakers were under consideration for the VP slot.

As to the roll call vote, much discussion has transpired and many opinions offered pertaining to should there be one? I say, why not? After Senator Clinton's speech last night, a roll call will not be distracting for Obama and will actually build excitement.

This morning the details of the roll call scheduled to begin at 6:00 PM ET were announced. First, vote tally sheets will be handed out. Next, Clinton will receive a nominating speech, followed by two second speeches. Then Obama will receive a nominating speech, followed by three second speeches. The vote tally sheets will be collected, followed by a roll call of the states. Then the results will be announced.

It will be fun to see who is giving the nominating and second speeches. Look to see the vote suspended at some point during the roll call with a move for a vote of acclamation for Obama. Last night, the rumor was this would occur when it got to the state of New York and Senator Clinton would move for a vote of acclamation. We'll know soon enough.

Former President Clinton will speak earlier in the evening and everyone is anticipating another classic speech from him. Vice President nominee Joe Biden will speak last and will give perhaps one of the most important speeches he has given in a long distinguished career.

Stay Tuned.

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