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Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama will Announce VP Choice Tomorrow

George Wenschhof

It has been reported by CNN that senior Obama campaign officials have announced the email and text messages will be sent to supporters Saturday morning informing them of the choice of a running mate. Rumor also has it that Virginia Governor Tim Kaine and Indiana Senator Evan Bayh have been informed by Senator Obama they are not the choice. has more here.

Delaware Senator Joe Biden is the current leading candidate to be announced tomorrow. We'll know shortly - the latest word is to not stay up late or get up too early - look for the emails and text messages around 7:00 AM ET - but who knows?

The latest on Senator Clinton is that she was never vetted by the Obama campaign. On the other hand, is there anything that hasn't already come out on her? It seems doubtful a formal vetting would have been needed. has more here.

The Obama campaign has managed to get a week worth of buzz surrounding the VP pick, all during the Olympics. Some speculate that is good, while other pundits are saying it will be hard to meet the expectations after such a long wait. Time will tell. Stay Tuned.

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