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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Roll Call Gets Everyone Fired Up in Denver!

George Wenschhof

The roll call started a little earlier than I had thought but ended as the rumors had indicated. Senator Hillary Clinton, speaking for the state of New York, moved for nomination by acclamation of Barack Obama after about 35 states had voted.

The excitement in the Pepsi Center was obvious to all watching as the roll call went state by state. It was fun to watch the speakers for each state cast their vote. They had the microphone and the opportunity to mention to the world all the wonderful aspects of their state and the great people associated with it.

It was fun to listen to Governor Martin O'Malley from my home state of Maryland speak and for congressman Cummings mention those who were from Maryland including, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi who was born in the state. The Maryland vote of 100 went 94 for Obama and 6 for Clinton.

The roll call was the opposite of acrimony and instead provided unity and excitement to the delegates inside the Center and for all the Democrats watching. It is now officially a history making moment with the first African-American nominated as a Presidential candidate. It is a proud moment for the Democratic Party.

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