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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Talking Trash in Frederick County, Maryland Continues...

George Wenschhof

Today, we publish another column from the two Democrats on the Frederick County, Maryland Board of County Commissioners. Board President Jan Gardner and Commissioner Kai Hagen agreed to submit a series of columns on the issue of waste disposal. In case you may have missed a previous column, links to all of their columns published on our site can be found over in the right hand margin.

The issue of how to dispose of future county waste is an important one. These County Commissioners have different points of view as to how to proceed in this area, so we encourage you to read both of their columns.

We thank both of the County Commissioners for taking the time to submit columns on such a complex issue. We feel it is beneficial to have this information available to the voters of Frederick County to read at their convenience.

If you have comments you wish to share with them, you can choose to click on "Comments" at the end of the column and follow the instructions. Any off topic comment or one that is a personal attack will not be published. To view our comment policy, click on our User Agreement at the bottom of the Home Page.

Their next column is scheduled to appear on September 24, 2008.

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