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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day One Democratic Convention Recap

George Wenschhof

Yesterday, the theme of the Democratic convention was "One Nation" with a focus on family values. Unless, you are a complete political wonk, you probably did not watch the entire first day which began at 5:00 PM ET and ended close to 11:00 PM ET.

The goal of focusing on family values was achieved but there was little red meat for those that enjoy hearing the Republican positions skewered.

James Carville, political strategist who supported Senator Clinton in the primary was especially upset that the democratic message was not hammered home more. However, he may still be getting over the fact that he picked the losing candidate to support. has more here.

The goal of the first night was more of introducing the Obama family and for everyone to see that regardless of race, color, or sex, we all face similar problems as we go about living our lives each day and this was successfully portrayed.

There is no question that Senator Ted Kennedy was the highlight of the evening along with Michelle Obama. When Kennedy walked on stage after the video tribute to him, the crowd went nuts. As I said last night his speech was uplifting. In case you missed the video tribute to him last night, you can watch it here.

Michelle Obama's speech was excellent as well and hit home especially with women and parents. As the cameras panned the convention hall as she spoke, you could see tears in the eyes of many women. You can watch a video clip from her speech here and read the text of her speech here. has a good read entitled "Michelle keeps things down to earth" and has another good read entitled "Michelle wows delegates".

Now, it is on to day two....

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