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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Al Gore, Barack Obama Speeches and the Democratic Convention - Live Blogging

George Wenschhof

At 7:00 PM ET, Representative John Lewis (Ga.) gave a emotional speech on the anniversary of Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech 45 years ago. He was there that day, we've come a long way, but we still have a distance to go. He introduces a tribute to MLK. Well done - it brought back memories and I was only ten.

The McCain campaign has released an ad to run tonight on TV. He congratulates Obama. Here is the video - watch it yourself and see what you think.

The McCain campaign will most likely leak their VP pick tonight in an attempt to distract from Obama's speech. The latest rumor is Minnesota Governor Pawlenty. If it is Pawlenty, Joe Biden will chew him up in the VP debate - Pawlenty has a very thin resume. Meg Whitman is the other most often mentioned for VP.

Again, to try to blunt the Obama speech, McCain will hold a rally in Dayton, Ohio tomorrow morning to announce and introduce his pick. Rumor has it, he is having trouble filling the 10,000 seat venue.

7:17 PM ET - The Obama campaign has released portions of his acceptance speech - read it here.

8:06 PM ET - Virginia Governor Tim Kaine's speech was good - If the American Dream is to own 7 houses, then McCain is your man. If your American Dream is to own a house, live in a safe neighborhood, and have affordable health care for your family, then Obama is your man.

Governor Bill Richardson had a good line - John McCain may pay hundreds of dollars for his shoes but we are the ones who will pay for his Flip Flops! Good Line!

8:30 PM ET - It's time to listen to Stevie Wonder!

Al Gore is scheduled to speak at 8:45 PM ET - the song in the background age of Aquarius, let the sun shine in. a huge applause - we must seize this opportunity to elect Barack Obama as President. If the election had been different in 2000, we would not be bogged down in Iraq, suffering a economic slow down and stuck with a administration that questions global warming. If you like Bush/Chaney, then elect McCain, if you want change then elect Obama/Biden. You would have a sensible foreign policy, health care for all, and a move to a reasonable energy policy.

An excellent speech on the planetary emergency that we are facing today. Tore into the Bush/Chaney administration and tied McCain to them. He recognized the millions of young people who have become energized. It's time for a change! Warned of McCain selecting up to three Supreme Court Justices and ending a woman's right to choose. Time for a change from the politics of the past based on fear. I know something about close elections and we all must work to elect Barack Obama as the next President of the United States.

If he had given speeches like this in 2000, the election would not have been close. An excellent speech!

Barack Obama is scheduled to speak shortly after 10:00 PM ET. Prepared text of speech is already out - Read it here.

9:23 PM ET - Joe Biden walks on stage - a surprise! This is an open convention. We are here for the millions of Americans that have been knocked down and to lift Americans up. For the firefighters, the men and women in the military, all the millions of you out there, we are here for the next President of the United States, Barack Obama.

10:03 PM ET - Illinois Senator Dick Durbin just concluded his remarks which were very good. Keeping with the video introduction theme, a video now begins of Barack Obama. When we find the video, we will post it here. His speech will begin soon.

10:15 PM ET - Exactly on time- Barack Obama walks on stage. Huge applause. Thank you so much, Thank you everyone. America - we are better than the last eight years - we are a better country than this. Enough! This election is our chance to keep the American promise alive. Remember on November 4th, eight is enough. McCain has voted with Bush 90% of the time.

Points out McCain's economic adviser has said "we are a Nation of whiners". It's not because McCain doesn't care, it's because he doesn't get it.

It is time for us to change America - that is why I am running for President of the United States.

I will stop giving tax breaks to companies that create jobs overseas and give them to those who create jobs here. I will cut taxes for 95% of Americans. I will set a goal that in ten years we will end our dependency of oil from the Middle East. I will invest 150 Billion in renewable energy sources over the next ten years.

I will invest in early childhood, pay higher salaries and ask for higher standards and accountability. If you invest in our country we will make sure you can afford college. Now, it is time for universal health care. Time to protect Social Security and give the promise of equal pay for a days work.

If John McCain wants to questions my temperament and judgement to serve as commander-in-chief, then that is a debate I am willing to have. This election is about you, change happens because American people demand it - this is one of those moments. Brings it back to the American spirit and the American promise and speaks of MLK and his speech 45 years ago.

Together, our dreams can be won. We can not turn back, not with so much work to be done. Thank you, God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

Wow! with all the build up, some may have wondered if the speech will equal the build up - well, the answer is, it exceeded the build up. He took it to McCain and the Republicans on the issues that matter most to Americans and said he was looking forward to debating McCain.

Democrats will be fired up and ready to go over the next 91/2 weeks!

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