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Monday, August 25, 2008

Today's Theme in Denver is "One Nation"

George Wenschhof

The Democratic convention kicks off today at 5:00 PM ET in Denver with a focus on family values.

Many notables will speak tonight. Some of the speakers, not necessarily in order, are as follows: Denver Mayor Hickenlooper, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a video from former President Jimmy Carter, Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. (Ill.), a tribute video to Senator Edward Kennedy (Ken Burns who directed documentaries on Baseball and the Civil War directed the Kennedy video), and Senator Claire McCaskill (Mo.).

Michelle Obama will give the keynote speech. Look to see her give even more insight on their family

There is an outside chance that Senator Kennedy may attend. He was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor and had surgery to remove as much as possible of the tumor. Afterwards, he underwent radiation and chemotherapy treatment. He was an early supporter of Obama and his attendance would be uplifting for all. has more here.

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