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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Dem Campaign Chatter 8-10-2008

George Wenschhof

Today, Obama and family are enjoying Hawaii - he did speak to republic of Georgia President Saahashvili in regard to the Russia incursion. Obama also called for a cease fire. This conflict is not as simple as it seems. South Ossetia wants it's independence from Georgia and was invaded by Georgia. Russia then responded by coming to South Ossetia's aid.

In addition to a private fundraiser next Tuesday, Obama plans to work on his convention acceptance speech. Also count on him finishing his selection of his running mate while on vacation.


The republic of Georgia withdraws it's troops from South Ossetia - This comes after several days of intense fighting with Russia. Russia now claims to control Tskhinvali, the capitol of South Ossetia. Georgian troops had occupied South Ossetia in an attempt to unified the two countries. Continue to keep on eye on this conflict and let's hope for calmer heads to prevail. Read more here.


Senator Clinton supporters try and fail to ban Caucuses in Democratic primary - They tried to make an amendment to the Democratic Party Platform. The complaint also focused on alleged sexism in the campaign. Obama won the majority of the caucus states in the Democratic primary. All the Democratic candidates understood the rules going in and caucuses do not favor gender.

However, caucuses are hardly democratic and should be discontinued in the future as a means of determining delegates. The entire Democratic Party primary schedule and process needs to be revised prior to the 2012 election. The current convoluted and ineffective process was exposed for all to see in this primary election and was a negative distraction to what otherwise was a positive race for the nomination. Change is needed so let's hope a representative committee is appointed by the Democratic National Committee and charged with a complete review and rewrite of the current system. Read more here.


Democratic Party Platform Committee approves Draft to be voted on at Convention - the 186 member committee made some compromises on issues between Clinton and Obama supporters and are ready now to present to the convention delegates for ratification. The Platform does not require the Democratic nominee to follow it and for many years it has only been a symbolic document. Read more here.


FBI investigates some Democratic elected officials in Cuyahoga County, Ohio - speculation is this could hurt the Obama campaign. This is a county Obama must do very well in to carry Ohio, a battleground state. Two elected Democrats are the focus of the investigation. Mr. Dimora who is a county commissioner and chair of the County Democratic Party and Frank Russo who is the county auditor. The inquiry involves some public construction projects and some remodeling done at the their homes. Expect the Republicans to try to exploit this even though no one has been found guilty. Read more here.

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