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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday's Theme in Denver is "Change You Can Believe In"

George Wenschhof

This is it, the night Barack Obama officially accepts the Democratic Party nomination for President. His speech at Denver's "Mile High" stadium, home of the Denver Broncos football team, is expected to be delivered to over 75,000 supporters.

Weather, security, and logistics are all concerns but tonight promises to be a must see as a very successful Democratic convention will come to a close.

Voters have seen the candidates and been given the opportunity to get to know their families and their backgrounds. The silliness of the "elitist" tag put on Barack Obama by Republicans has been exposed for what it is. Just, more low road, dirty tricks attempts at trying to take the attention away from 8 years of the failed domestic and foreign policies of the Republican George W. Bush administration. The latest ridiculous attempt at the elitist label is there are some columns in the background as part of the stage tonight and Republicans are trying to spin that - of course, they leave out that Bush used a similar background himself. By the way, how many Houses does McCain own?

The reason so many people come to see Barack Obama and hear his speeches is he gives them hope for the future. People are hungry for a new direction and tonight's theme says it all - "Change You can Believe In".

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have given great speeches - I have to say that although Bill did a great job last night of hitting home at the failed domestic and foreign policies of the Bush administration, Hillary's speech on Tuesday night was even better. Between them, they have put an end to the speculation of whether or not Clinton supporters will vote for Obama. Democrats will unite for they understand the country can not stand four more years of the same.

Vice President nominee, Senator Joe Biden showed why he was chosen By Barack Obama last night as he was able to clearly point out the foreign policy failures in judgement by McCain and how Barack Obama was right. Joe Biden with his experience as chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will only add strength to the Democratic ticket. His growing up in Scranton, Pennsylvania under humble circumstances, his personal tragedy and triumphs are all aspects voters can identify with as they get to know him.

It is fitting that on the 45th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream Speech", the first African-American to accept a political party nomination for President will speak to Americans.

Tonight will kick off about 6:30 PM ET and the organizers of this year's Democratic convention have been on schedule. Yesterday, I almost missed the roll call for I thought it would start a little later than scheduled, but no, it was on time. It was also fun to watch! As I mentioned yesterday, it brought added excitement and unity among Democrats.

The speakers will be Colorado Governor Bill Ritter, DNC chair Howard Dean, Rep. John Lewis and Virginia Governor Tim Kaine. A real treat will be had by all when Stevie Wonder performs. Al Gore will follow the performance by Stevie Wonder. Susan Eisenhower and then Illinois Senator Dick Durbin will speak before Barack Obama takes the stage.

We will do some live blogging tonight. Stay Tuned.

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