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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Air Obama

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All I can say is…it better become one hell of a Democratic Convention. The party must be pulled together by mutual regard, mutual interest, and mutual fear of the alternative. Let the factions and the dissidents rise and stir the room too, let's feel our democracy in our bones.

Democratic nominee Obama has done much to add depth to his image and build a sweeping campaign victory – but my heart is broken right now, it's just not quite in it. Perhaps the glory of it all will become apparent, but I missed out on the big pump up, supported Hillary, and now am left wondering if there is any great emotion for me in a Democratic win.

Somehow, I'm tired of the national campaign, and feel left out. I wonder if it will mend the economy or waffle through a couple years of half measures and self congratulation. Congress seems poorly armed to lead. Energy costs are starting to dampen jobs and the economy, housing looks very bad right now, though it is suggested to only be the market 'correction' long pointed towards by the Fed Chairman.

So I give thanks for my work close to home. I am fortunate enough to vacation at the beach once again. I get by, pay the bills. I worry. Even 'stupid' knows it's the economy this time around.

What is this rarefied air? Universal broadband, great, who pays to build it, when does it pay off, it's hard to even get government to telework jobs, will it change things? Or just be another expensive big pipe that limits access and provides more channels of entertainment?

The heel of a convention better have great speeches that inspire us. The speeches better give us real hope of an economic turnaround and gas in the tank and food on the table. That answer is blowing in the wind. The world looks to us for leadership, for letting go of irrational fear and torture and endless, fruitless warfare.

Air Obama is now flying a 757 especially outfitted. I'm on the ground in an old Honda. The air must be different up there than it is down here.

But I don't really think Obama's up in the air. But we need proof and passion. The stellar law student and Harvard Review editor, the professor, walk and talk the issues and the ambiguities and nuance of the legal matters, the political matters. We need to see that view from above coupled with the parked SUV's and credit card bills. We need to see a policy that works and keeps our productivity high.

What we all need is a breath of fresh air – I'm waiting, and open to the wind of change.

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