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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

More Frederick Co. MD "Trash Talk"

George Wenschhof

Today, the two Democratic Frederick County Commissioners, continue the discussion on waste disposal in Frederick County, Maryland. This will be Board President Jan Gardner's second column and Commissioner Kai Hagen's first column in what will be a series of columns. For future reference and ease of our viewers, links to their columns will also be posted in the right hand margin, below our website author Bios.

As is the case in many instances, personal feelings can become heated when discussing a political issue. We encourage you to enter your comments at the end of each of their columns by clicking on the word "Comment" and following the instructions. However, we ask that you keep your comments to the issue and refrain from any personal negative attacks, as we will not publish the latter.

This decision on how to dispose of future waste is important in many ways for the community as it will impact the environment for many years to come and there is a cost to taxpayers associated with whatever decision is made by the Frederick County, Maryland Board of Commissioners.

Being a recipient of countless number of emails on this subject by interested members of the community and the county commissioners, it is obvious much information on this subject is available to aid the elected officials in their decision making process. The community benefits from this email exchange by having engaged members of the community and elected officials share this information along with their concerns with each other.

I would encourage this email exchange to be posted in a well publicized "open online group forum" so all interested can read and participate without the cluttering of one's email inbox.

We thank Commissioners Gardner and Hagen for sharing their thoughts on this issue. Their next columns are scheduled to be published on August 20, 2008.

We encourage you to stay involved and to stay tuned.

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