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Monday, August 25, 2008

Democratic Convention is Underway - Live Blogging

George Wenschhof

We'll talk a little about what is happening tonight. CNN is covering the convention as is MSNBC and probably others as well. Ann-Marie Luciano will send in her post later. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi kicked off the convention as the opening speaker a little after 8:00 PM ET Spent part of the speech talking about all the issues where Senator McCain has been wrong and had the crowd chanting with her "and McCain was wrong"!

The President Jimmy Carter video is next, followed by Illinois Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. The Senator Ted Kennedy segment is scheduled for around 9:15 PM ET Let's see if Kennedy shows up in person.

Carter is walking on stage joined by his wife Rosaline with the song "Georgia on my Mind" playing in the background. In a TV interview, Carter stated he felt those Clinton supporters who had not yet got on board with Obama will do so following the convention.

Jesse Jackson is speaking now, a big supporter of Obama. He is using the theme of tonight "one nation" well. "What unites us is greater then what divides us - we need Obama in the White House.... He is the leader we need right now"

Kennedy Tribute is next - Lots of camera action around the hall - Vice President nominee Senator Joe Biden receiving a lot of attention as he is there with his family. The Kennedy signs are everywhere - Caroline Kennedy - I'm here to pay tribute to two men - Kennedy and Barack Obama. Barack inspires me as many people told me that my father inspired them. Uncle Teddy has been a Senator for all who believe in a dream that has never died. Talks about how he has always been there for her and the rest of the family members. The tribute begins - how the sea is so important to him, talks about his brothers Jack and Bobby - I have to say my eyes are tearing up as I watch it - so many memories... his wife speaks of how his patriotism , his faith, and his family is what is important to him. His support for Obama and his plan for health care for all. It is time now for Barack Obama.- a nice tribute

Senator Ted Kennedy comes out on stage to a huge applause! Thanks Caroline - says it is so wonderful to be here - nothing going to keep him away from this special gathering tonight. I am here to restore America's ideals and elect Barack Obama President! We have seen victory and defeat - I pledge to be there next January at the floor of the senate to greet Obama as the next President. New hope that everyone will have decent quality health care as a right and not a privilege. Yes we can and yes we will with Obama. Obama will never commit our troops to a mistake, Americans can rise to challenges - John Kennedy and placing a man on the moon - we can do it-work begins anew, hope rises again and the dream lives on! - a line he has used in the past. Incredible and the crowd is going wild - the song is "you are still the one" he looked good and spoke with strength and conviction. He has been the highlight tonight so far and energized the crowd.

Michelle Obama will be speaking within the next 1/2 hour. 10:23 PM ET Michelle Obama video begins - speaks of her family background. Her parents were committed to her going to College but stressed the importance of returning home and giving back to the community. Talks about how she met Obama. She went to work for a law firm and then went to wotk for Public Allies. Others speak about how she cares so much for her children - a nice family oriented tribute.

Her brother, Craig Robison talks about her growing up and then introduces her. I also just heard heard Barack Obama may address the crowd via videotape after Michelle is done her speech - here is Michelle - speaks more on family values, treat people with respect even if you don't know them or agree with them. Speaks of the 88th anniversary of the women earning the right to vote and the 45th anniversary of Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech. Mentions Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden as those who have worked for others - applause In this election we will listen to our hopes and not our fears. Lets stand together to elect Barack Obama as President of the United States.

A good speech that went as billed - she spoke primarily on family values - the song is "Isn't she wonderful" here is Barack Obama - hello from Kansas city - How about Michelle Obama - now you know why I asked her out so many times even though she said no. He spoke from the home of a family in Kansas City. The girls had joined Michelle on stage and were talking back to Obama - love you Daddy!

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