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Monday, January 28, 2008

What They Are Saying About The Kennedy Endorsements

Senator Edward Kennedy (Mass.), Caroline Kennedy, and Patrick Kennedy all endorsed Senator Barack Obama (Illinois) today. This was not a minor endorsement. This was a strong admonishment of Senator Hillary Clinton (N.Y.) and her husband, former President William Jefferson Clinton.

As I was making my rounds today the two comments I heard over and over again are as follows: "If Clinton thought she had the institutional and establishment support behind her, she needs to think again - Kennedy is a icon in the Democratic Party". and "Caroline's endorsement was even stronger for me because it was from the heart and it touched me".

Here is what the media is saying:


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The Nation

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Anonymous said...

Sen Kennendy stands to gain much more power by having Obama elected, the Clinton's won't bow fealty to him -

Anonymous said...

All the Obama rheteric about time for a change and all the talk about letting go of the past . . .then to watch how he played up to Sen. Kennedy just makes me think he (Obama) is not much different than the others. So if Kennedy had endorsed Clinton his campaign no doubt would have made a great deal about how he was tied to the past, etc. I think he would have been better of accepting the endorsment graciously but not with the spectical we witnessed yesterday at American U.