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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Giuliani to Endorse McCain Tomorrow

Former New York Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani finished a distant third in Florida today with only 19% of the vote. He will be announcing tomorrow in California he is finished in his campaign for the Republican nomination for President. He choose to forgo campaigning in the early states with a strategy of putting his hopes into winning Florida. He believed a win there would propel him into super Tuesday and the lead. A year ago he led in the national polls among potential Republican candidates for President. Click here to read more:

He will also announce his support for Senator John McCain who won the Republican primary in Florida today with 36% of the vote beating Romney by 5 points. The big rumor out there is that after super Tuesday, Huckabee will drop out endorse McCain and become his V.P. running mate. Huckabee would give the Republican ticket appeal with evangelical and southern voters. Supposedly, Huckabee is to stay in and draw votes from Romney on super Tuesday.

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