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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Clinton Wins Nevada

George Wenschhof

Senator Hillary Clinton is projected as the winner by CNN at 4:07 PM. In a close race between the two front runners, Clinton was receiving 50% and Obama - 45% with 59% of the precincts reporting. A big loss for the Edwards campaign who came in a distant third with only 5%.

I was surprised by Edward's showing although the most recent Zogby poll was showing this. Edward's campaign was just unable to stand up to the overwhelming support going to Clinton and Obama. Another distant third place showing by Edwards in S. Carolina on the 26th will make it very difficult for him to compete on Super Tuesday February 5th. However, he has repeatedly said he is in for Super Tuesday and all the way to the Democratic convention.

What about Kucinich and Gravel? Neither one of them received any percentage of the vote due to the unique manner of caucuses. I believe it is time for them to thank their supporters and graciously withdraw from the race.

So much for the truce between the Clinton and Obama campaigns as talk of voter intimidation and voter suppression took front stage today. Complaints and rumors of videos shown or calls made to Latino voters were also being heard.

A strong second place showing here positions Obama well for S. Carolina as I mentioned in my earlier post today. Clinton had to win as I said earlier and she did just that.

So it's now on to S. Carolina on the 26th where Obama is presently leading in the polls.

7:10 PM update - high Democratic voter turnout continued with 114,000 attending the caucuses today. The Obama campaign manager is claiming they won in the all important battle for delgates from Nevada today. He said Obama won 13 and Clinton - 12. AP is reporting Clinton 13 delegates, Obama - 12 Either way, it sounds closer to a tie.

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