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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

John Edwards to Drop Out Today

It is being reported that former North Carolina Senator and Democrat candidate for President, John Edwards will drop out the race today. He will make his announcement in New Orleans, the same city he kicked off his campaign for President at 1:00 PM. To read more click here :

It became obvious early that the interest generated by the Obama and Clinton campaigns had put Edwards and his campaign which focused on ending poverty in a distant third position among the Democratic Party candidates.

He was forced to accept matching funds and as such was limited in the amount his campaign could spend on super Tuesday. This will now make it a clear battle between Obama and Clinton. The question becomes, who will the supporters of Edwards now support? In a close vote between Obama and Clinton, the Edwards support could make a difference. The other question becomes, will Edwards endorse either Obama or Clinton today or prior to super Tuesday?

There will be lots of analysis of the vote in the primaries to date but one that is obvious is that Edwards received a strong percentage of the white vote in S. Carolina. Now the discussion will be on where this vote will now go.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As a now-homeless Edwards supporter, I'm casting my lot with Barack Obama. He might not be as progressive as I like, but on the one single critical issue of the decade -- Iraq -- he provides real contrast with whoever the Republican will be. And the Democrats CANNOT win without being DIFFERENT from the Republicans.

And of course, as an inspirational, charismatic figure, Obama can deliver new voters to the D column in a way Hillary Clinton never will.