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Monday, January 14, 2008

Two Democratic 6th District Candidates in Nationwide Competition for DFA Support

George Wenschhof

In an email I received today from Democracy For America (DFA) chair Jim Dean, he announced the beginning of their grassroots vote for designation of their "All-Star" endorsement of a congressional candidate.

They received requests from 80 candidates from across the country and 2 are Andrew Duck and Robin Deibert, Democratic candidates in Maryland's 6th District congressional race. At the end of a several step process in voting, one candidate will win this endorsement on February 3, 2008. The winner will receive the financial support of their 675,000 nationwide membership, volunteers, along with training provided to their staff.

Their 2006 All-Star Jerry McNerney went on to beat a 14 year incumbent Republican in a district no one thought he could win. In the email I received he was quoted as saying "DFA's 2006 'Grassroots All-Star' online congressional competition provided us with the crucial early funding and buzz we needed to compete and win in November. This was a people-powered victory that you helped make possible by volunteering and contributing to our campaign for change."

Does this sound familiar when you think of the Maryland 6th District race? Here our Democratic nominee will most likely be facing sixteen year Republican incumbent Roscoe Bartlett. Walter Ludwig, campaign manager for Andrew Duck said "Andrew would be proud to be a DFA All Star." A email I sent to Robin Deibert requesting a comment was not returned by the time I posted this. If I receive a comment from her I will post here.

1-17-08 I recently received this comment from Ms. Deibert and I promised I would post. "I was happy to place my name in this race as I believe with every fiber of my being that we need more progressive legislators representing the citizens of our country. I would consider it an honor to be selected as the DFA All-Star."

I would encourage you and ask you to encourage others to click on this link and vote!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Strange that Dougherty wouldn't seek that endorsement. I have seen NOTHING from ANYONE in Hagerstown, and it is a month before the election. This leads me to conclude that Roscoe will be easily re-elected in November.