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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Andrew Duck, MD 6th District Candidate Receives Teachers Endorsement

I just received the following press release from the Andrew Duck Campaign and have posted for your information. Walter Ludwig, the campaign manager for Andrew Duck indicated there were about 10,000 MSTA members in the 6th District. Andrew Duck is one of five Democrats running for the Democratic Party nomination. The Maryland primary is February 12, 2008.



WOODSBORO, MD, January 23 -- Andrew Duck has been endorsed by the NEA Fund, the political action committee for the National Education Association.

Duck's campaign against Republican incumbent Roscoe Bartlett and four primary opponents was recommended for endorsement to the national organization by the Maryland State Teachers Association. In a letter to Duck, both the national and state groups said they "applaud your commitment to public education and children."

Duck said: "I am proud of my public education, and will work hard in Congress to make America's public schools once again the best in the world. Great public education has always been the ladder up in America. I appreciate this endorsement and look forward to the teachers' help throughout the campaign as we work together to defeat Roscoe Bartlett and return the 6th District to its citizens."

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