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Saturday, January 19, 2008

McCain Barely Wins S. Carolina

9:20 PM - With 82% of the precincts reporting, AP has called it for McCain -33%. Huckabee is second with 30%, followed by Thompson - 16%, Romney - 15%.

McCain was expected to win this state but he barely beat Huckabee who did very well giving his campaign a boost. Romney and Giuliani did not campaign in the state. Hunter announced he was dropping out of the race. Some are saying that Thompson will be the next to drop out and are suggesting he will endorse McCain.

The Republicans are now on to Florida on January 29th where Giuliani has said his strategy has been that Florida is where he begins his campaign. Remember the Democrats will once again have a meaningless primary in Florida after they had their delegates stripped by the DNC after they scheduled their primary on a date that was not sanctioned by the DNC.

The Democrats will hold their primary in S. Carolina in one week on January 26th.

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