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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kucinich Is Electable And He Has My Vote

V. S. Lynch

Many people say they would like to vote for Kucinich because they agree with many of the positions he supports. However, they will not vote for him because the media has deemed him "unelectable", thus their votes would be wasted.

Dennis Kucinich has won 10 elections. Hillary Clinton has won 2 elections. John Edwards has won 1 election. Barak Obama has won 4 elections. Obviously, Kucinich is electable.

Dennis Kucinich is the only candidate who has my vote for President. He is a man of proven intelligence, foresight, and courage. I have five children and three grandchildren. For their sakes, I will not cast any vote for second best. I will not allow the media to con me, or the Democratic Party to bully me, into voting for a lesser candidate for fear of a Republican victory. Dennis Kucinich is the best choice for president and he is electable; he has won 10 elections. If we vote for Kucinich, he will have won 11 elections, and we will have won a brighter future!

With the exception of Ron Paul, no Republican candidate has strongly opposed Bush and his policies. As for Ron Paul, while he is right on the war, I am horrified by some of his other positions and actions. Thus, I will vote for no Republi can.

I believe the Iraq War Authorization is the single most calamitous piece of legislation ever passed in the United States. After five years, almost 4,000 Americans have been killed and almost 30,000 Americans have been wounded. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been killed or displaced.

Intelligence and foresight were required to understand the danger that the Iraq War Authorization presented to the United States and the world. Courage was required to risk one's political career to vote against it.

Dennis Kucinich voted against the Iraq War Authorization. Dennis Kucinich demonstrated and proved that he possessed the qualities of intelligence, foresight, and courage.

John Edwards and Hillary Clinton voted in favor of the Iraq War Authorization, thus clearly demonstrating their lack of intelligence, foresight, and courage.

At the time, Barak Obama had not yet been elected to the Senate. Thus he missed the chance to demonstrate what qualities he possesses or lacks.

All the candidates now say they have some kind of plan (explained at great lengths on their websites) to end the war in Iraq. Only Dennis Kucinich was prepared to avoid this problem to begin with.

Why on earth would I gamble the lives and futures of my beloved babies on the chance that Clinton, Obama, or Edwards might, next time, see danger coming and prevent it? The other side of "might" is "might not". In addition, they have all been conspicuous by their silence on issues such as the erosion of our civil liberties through legislation such as as the Homeland Security Act and FISA.

The losses endured by the peoples of the United States and Iraq are too great to allow us to accept "sorry, let's move forward now" from those who would lead us.

Dennis Kucinich is not saying "sorry, let's move forward now". He showed us five years ago that he possessed the intelligence, foresight, and leadership required to prevent this disaster. He should be saying "If you had listened to me, we wouldn't be in this mess!"

Iraq is not the only issue, but to me it is the main issue. To learn which issues concern most Americans, I did a Google search for "most important election issue polls". The war in Iraq was generally the first concern, with health care and the economy switching back and forth between second and third.

Dennis Kucinich has a comprehensive plan to end this war quickly and to begin the process of rebuilding our relationship with the rest of the world.
Kucinich will also demonstrate the leadership, foresight and intelligence not to get us into war with Iran.

As for improving our economy, the first step is ending the Iraq war. This war is draining our treasury at the rate of $275 million per day. In addition to ending the war, Dennis Kucinich proposes improvements to our economy and our environment. One such proposal is a new public works program that will produce millions of middle class jobs while meeting the combined infrastructure and energy needs of our country.

In addition, Dennis Kucinich is the only candidate for President with a plan for a universal, single-payer, not-for-profit health care system that leaves no American behind.

For a full description of all Dennis Kucinich's proposals, please go here:
http:// www.dennis

Don't take my word for it. Decide which issues are most important to you. Then research the stated positions and votes of each candidate on those issues. Check out poll results, campaign finance information, and votes and speeches on those issues. Google is your friend! It is easier than ever today to research the various candidates. With the internet, even rumors and innuendo can be investigated and verified or debunked in a short time. Better spend a week doing research now, than 4 or 8 years suffering under another incompetent or dishonest president and his/her administration.

A candidate who wins 10 elections is, ipso facto, electable. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. A vote for a candidate deemed by the media to be electable, but who is the wrong candidate, is a wasted vote. Dennis Kucinich has the foresight, leadership, and courage to be a superb president, and we must vote for him.


Unknown said...

I agree with everything you say, Vicky - but...he needs a much better PR team to be elected. His projected image is too timid, and given the beasts outside (& inside) of the U.S., we all need to feel this man's intelligence and courage will not fail in the face of them.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words, Hickory.

I disagree that Kucinich comes across as timid, although, if the mainstream media was not ignoring Kucinich altogether, they might try to present him that way. Since they ignore him completely, he doesn't get a chance to come across at all.

Because most of his money comes from small individual donations, Kucinich will never have the PR machine the other candidates have. We have to be his PR machine! That's why I wrote this piece.

There are a lot of Kucinich videos on Youtube. This is my favorite - no timid person could have done this: