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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Casinos Given Ok to hold Caucuses in Nevada

What a ridiculous battle for Clinton supporters to have waged in Nevada. Even husband Bill got in the act arguing with a Reporter. When the Culinary Workers Union representing 60,000 workers endorsed Obama, the Nevada Teachers Assocation who have endorsed Clinton and represent 28,000 cried foul.

They filed a lawsuit trying to negate the 9 state approved caucuses to be held in casinos this Saturday. I guess they were claiming the caucuses held in Casinos would make it easier for those who worked there to participate in a caucus - duh...

I guess any caucuses to be held in schools or at the homes of Teachers in the state were not an issue with the Teachers Association. Fortunately, a Judge issued the appropriate ruling saying it was ok to hold the planned caucuses in Casinos. To read more click here:

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Anonymous said...

I think the use of at-large precincts is a progressive step in Nevada. As I read the provision, anyone within a 2.5-mile radius of any of these sites may vote there. Presumably one does not try to vote twice by going to another location. Whether they use mechanisms similar to what we have in MD or not has never been mentioned. It's really a matter of accommodating change, which some people cannot do.