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Sunday, January 27, 2008

On To Super Tuesday!

Here is the list of the states who will hold a Democratic Party primary or caucus on February 5, 2008. Included in the list is the number of delegates up for grabs for the Democratic candidates. It has been reported that it will be impossible for any of the candidates to win enough delegates at the close of super Tuesday to secure the nomination.

Alabama Primary 60 delegates
Alaska Caucus 18 delegates
Arizona Primary 67 delegates
Arkansas Primary 47 delegates
California Primary 441 delegates
Colorado Caucus 71 delegates
Connecticut Primary 60 delegates
Delaware Primary 23 delegates
Georgia Primary 103 delegates
Idaho Caucus 23 delegates
Illinois Primary 185 delegates
Kansas Caucus 41 delegates
Massachusetts Primary 121 delegates
Minnesota Caucus 88 delegates
Missouri Primary 88 delegates
New Jersey Primary 127 delegates
New Mexico Caucus 38 delegates
New York Primary 281 delegates
North Dakota Caucus 21 delegates
Oklahoma Primary 47 delegates
Tennessee Primary 85 delegates
Utah Primary 29 delegates
Democrats Abroad Primary 11 delegates

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