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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Obama Leads by Double Digits in Latest Polls

George Wenschhof

Real Clear Politics has the latest Poll results from New Hampshire - click here:

CNN-WMUR shows Obama - 39%, Clinton - 29%, Edwards - 16%, and Richardson - 7%
USA - Today/ Gallup Poll shows Obama - 41%, Clinton - 28%, Edwards - 19%, and Richardson - 6%

Remember Polls can be off for in this state the Independents can request either a Democrat or Republican ballot. It certainly appears the Independents could have a significant impact on who the winner is in New Hampshire.

Also remember this is just the beginning of the primary calendar and Clinton with her institutional support already has many super-delegates pledged to her in states across the country. Obama, even with a victory in New Hampshire, still has an uphill climb.

Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign was in full attack mode today as she continued to try to paint herself as the candidate with the experience to bring about change - yes, she is now using change in her campaign rhetoric.

The question I continue to have if what experience does she really have? Yes, she was married to a former President and lived in the White House. But as first lady, when entrusted with the all important reform of the American Health Care system, she failed miserably.

After the Monica Lewinsky scandal, she wasn't even talking to her husband as he was making important foreign policy decisions. So what exactly is her successful experience in executive decision-making?

Arianna Huffington in The Huffington Post today also talks about why Hillary should not be having her husband Bill campaign for her. click here to read:

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