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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Clinton Short of Cash?

Adding insult to injury should Clinton fail to win New Hampshire, The Huffington Post has a story that it looks like the Clinton campaign has spent up to 85 million of the 100 million it had raised. Read the entire story here:

Blog rumors abound with some saying Clinton will skip the next two primaries while others are saying Clinton strategist Penn may be in trouble with some saying former President Bill Clinton advisors Paul Begala and James Carville may be enlisted to help right the sinking Hillary ship. Also former President Bill Clinton has accused the Press of favorable treatment toward Obama, calling it a fairy tale.. If this is at all true, donors and pledged super delegates will begin to get antsy.

A come from behind victory by Clinton today or a strong second place finish will quiet the rumors somewhat. Stay tuned...

Two small towns in New Hampshire with populations under 100 who are allowed to vote after midnight have already posted their results.
Dixville Notch - Dems - Obama-7,Edwards -2, Richardson -1, Clinton-0
Reps. - McCain-6, Romney-2, Giuliani -1

Hart's Location - Dems - Obama -9, Clinton-3, Edwards-1
Reps. - McCain-6, Huckabee-5, Paul-4, Romney-1

These results are way too small to see any type of trend - I just posted for I thought it was interesting.

3:50 PM ABC News is reporting a large voter turnout with some towns requesting more ballots - seems that Democrats are continuing the high turnout

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