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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CNN Republican Presidential Debate

McCain, Romney, Huckabee, and Paul participating

I have to say I tuned in late and it has been difficult to watch. If you watched the debate share with us your thoughts by clicking on comments at the end of this post. Here are a few quick thoughts:

15 minutes was a debate between McCain and Romney over - whether or not Romney mentioned he supported time tables in regard to the withdraw of U.S. troops in Iraq. Romney said he never said that. McCain responding with we are going to be there for some time. Yikes!! are they out of touch or what?

Paul, when he got to speak said the whole U.S. foreign policy in regard to Iraq has been wrong from the start - hey - he's right! Maybe that is why he is setting record online fund raising totals among the Republican candidates.

During the last 1/2 hour I watched of the debate it was clearly a battle between McCain and Romney - interestingly, the only sound bite similar to the Democratic candidates Clinton and Obama was McCain making the argument he was the most experienced and ready to lead on day one and Romney talking about how Washington was broken and it was time for a change from business as usual.

McCain stuck to his stump speech refrain - the biggest battle facing the U.S. today is with radical Islamic extremists - this goes back to the old Republican refrain that they are the party that can keep you and your family safe.

The little I saw from Huckabee was his talking about his experience as Governor being a strong background for President. He came across likeable.

The latest news on endorsements is California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will endorse McCain tomorrow.

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