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Friday, January 25, 2008

MD 6th District Candidate Rick Lank Facing Child Support Charges

With less than three weeks to go to the Maryland primary on February 12th, Rick Lank, one of five Democratic candidates in the 6th district race is facing legal issues pertaining to child support.

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Anonymous said...

I truly feel sorry for Rick Lank. The Frederick Gazette participated to help him be arrested for "child support" issues on Friday, the 25th of January, 2008, and why did they just have to do this to him two weeks prior to the primary election. I think this pretty much destroyed any chances of Rick Lank being the nominee in District Six. I still cannot fathom why a news person would do this unless it was his ex wife. lol


Anonymous said...

I do not see where anyone can have any sympathy for Mr. Lank. He has children and just because a marriage ends does not mean that responsibility for the health and welfare of the children of that marriage ends. That this arrest comes 2 weeks before an election is purely serendipitous. It is not as if the courts had not been trying to find him for the past 9 years. Apparently he is very good at dodging bill collectors.
My ex-husband is unfindable and I have raisedour child on my own....I am not on welfare, do not have subsidized housing and only had medical aid from the state for 2 years...I worked 3 jobs to pay the bills, keep her housed, clothed and fed...and some help from the absent father would have been nice.
If he can't take care of his own children, would he really take care of his constituents?
Do the people of the sixth really need this type of individual representing them?

Anonymous said...

Best news I've heard in years!!!

Anonymous said...

Lock him up and throw away the key...he has been dodging his responsibility and the LAW for nine years. My guess is that the $5000 he owes from 1999 is just the tip of the iceberg, as one of his daughters is still a minor!
The democratic party has had enough scandals. Unlike the first writer, who I suspect is his girlfriend, I think it is a blessing that he was found out now rather than later. Wouldn't it have made a pretty picture to have him arrested at this swearing in ceremony?

Anonymous said...

I truly do not feel any sympathy for Mr. Lank. His arrest is his own fault, not the Gazette's. And what was he thinking, running for public office knowing the law was looking for him? I'm glad this came out before the election, rather than after. Fathers who do not take care of their children are scum. I agree with the earlier poster - if he won't take care of his own child, how well will he look after the interests of the people of the Sixth District?

Anonymous said...

Anyone see the article in yesterday's Baltimore Sun? Apparently Lank owes nearly $40,000 in back child support. Very disingenuous of him to claim he "didn't realize there was such a problem", when he is obviously years behind in his child support, or that he was more concerned about the daughter who ran away in OCTOBER to attend hearings in August and September.
Now he is trying to make this a positive for his campaign?
Why isn't he still in jail!!!