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Friday, January 18, 2008

Bush in Frederick, MD Today

The President is here in town today to talk about the ailing economy that the failed policies of his administration created over the last seven years and his recent proposal to fix it.

The Huffington Post talks about his proposed 145 Billion tax relief plan here:

How many Billions are being spent in Iraq and how many Billions are being sent to the Musharraf regime in Pakistan with virtually no accountability as to how the money is being spent?

Let's hope for an effective bi-partisan plan to be proposed and passed by Congress to provide relief to the many Americans who are suffering due to a failing economy. A long term fix will require a Democratic administration in the White House who understands the plight of the working men and women and who will not pander to the rich.

2:52 PM update on visit:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I surely do hope the local Republicans were pleased with George W. Bush visiting Frederick. For most of us, it was a gross inconvenience that tied up 12 lanes of traffic arbitrarily on MD 85 at about 1:45 for a good 20 minutes. This on top of the fact that it helped to showcase Roscoe Bartlett, but the owner of the plant doesn't even live in the 6th District!