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Monday, September 15, 2008

When Life Begins

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Today is going to be one of the worst days of my life. At 5:00 this evening, I am taking my almost 15-year-old-dog in to have him euthanized.

My wife and I have been watching this once-strong, fast, athletic guy become frail and crippled. He can't even walk without the aid of a leash looped under his belly to hold up his once-powerful, now-useless back legs.

So it is a little difficult to think of politics this week. So for now, Sarah Palin can adjust her lipstick and say, "Thanks, but no thanks" for the pork that she orders while at her home is Wasilla taking a per diem for travel. John McCain can continue to pretend that he still has some honor while he cozies-up to Karl Rove and does to Obama what Rove did to McCain in 2000. Joe Biden can figure out how to debate a lightweight without looking like he is "Picking on a girl." And Obama can take this time to figure out how to be outraged without looking like an angry black man.

You all go ahead. I'll catch up with you soon. Tonight, I have to bury my dog.

Actually, it reminds me of a story:

A Christina preacher, a rabbi and a secular humanist are having a discussion about when life begins. The preacher insists that life begins at the moment of conception. The humanist counters that life begins when the baby is able to thrive on its own outside the womb. The rabbi says, "You're both wrong. Life begins when the kids move out and the dog dies."

My kids moved out years ago. I guess life begins tonight.

So, while I am on the subject, and in a life-and-death kind of mood, let's assume for argument's sake that life begins at conception. Put aside, for the moment considerations of choice and abortion. Let's suppose that the issue is settled in Palin/McCain favor and all abortion is banned. The choice has been taken away.

Shouldn't those who took the choice away now take responsibility for the consequence of that lack of choice? Aren't they responsible to make sure the unwanted child is loved and wanted? And clothed and fed, and schooled and sheltered, and healthy and happy? Isn't it now their—our—responsibility?

You know what I think—take away the choice and assume the responsibility for your choice to deny someone else a choice. Yeah, it's confusing. Better yet, I think men should just stay out of it. We will never be pregnant. We will never have to make that choice. I trust women to decide. If they can get together and come up with a solution, men should just shut up and go along with it.

But if life begins at conception, what about the 400,000 frozen, fertilized (meaning "conceived") embryos? Are they not "people"? Do they not have the right to life? Is it not de facto abortion to allow them to wither in liquid nitrogen until they become non-viable? Don't we put people in jail for failing to care for their children and causing them to die as a result? Why is this not discussed?

What ever happens, choice-no choice, abortion no abortion, I just want kids to have a fair chance at life with a family to love them and be sad when they die.

Once, I get over the loss of my friend, the election will still be there. The issues will still be there. And they will all seem important to me once again. Today—not so much.

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vividlyemily said...

Jack will be remembered fondly.